Yellow Warning Sign

Accelerated Playoffs

First off let me apologize on behalf of PYPL! We miscalculated how many people were going to be focused on Next-Gen and pure tournaments! Usually we run a 50 team league with way more activity then what you see!! So for the first timers we are truly sorry for this lack luster performance on our part!

So here is what we are going to do, we are going to have what we call an emergency ACCELERATED PLAYOFFS! Here is how its going to work.

The season will end now on Oct 26 at 3AM! We will take the ACTIVE TEAMS. Teams that have been looking for games consistently, have games played, and have in the eyes of the league, been truly looking for games and will put them in a tournament/advanced playoffs. We are not here for a money grab. We make nothing from this we are here to provide quality competition. And as a group we feel this is the best way for everybody to get their moneys worth and to make sure nobody feels slighted as this SZN 9 and PS4 journey comes to an end!

So your wondering how will seeds go?

We will take those teams that have high number of games played, win percentages of those games played and compare them to the teams that don’t really have that many games played and do the seeding like that. So we are rewarding those that have played this season, worked hard in finding games, and that have good to decent win % higher seeds and will work our way down!

So you want to still try to play and find games in order to have a chance to increase your seeding!

So this is what we are deciding moving forward with SZN 9!

Remember, not everybody will get in, we will be looking at hard you tried to play games, how many games you have played, and overall activity! Unless you are a new team then you will be placed in a lower seed but will have a shot at the money! Once the season ends we will spend two days putting in stats making brackets with the accelerated playoffs starting on Wednesday, Oct. 28th.